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Completing and submitting this application form does not bind TDS (E&W) Limited to enter into a contract for service provision with you. Your application will be assessed by TDS (E&W) Limited and an agreement for service provision emailed to you if your application is approved. A separate proposal acceptance form will be sent to you to complete for insurer approval. The prices for indemnity are separate and in addition to the TDS (E&W) subscriptions and are set out on the insurers proposal form.

Services provided:

  • Introduction to an underwritten policy of insurance offering indemnity for dentists practising in England and Wales against costs and damages in dental negligence claims, representation at Investigations, Tribunals and General Dental Council Hearings within the terms of the policy.  
  • Access to professional advice on the dental and ethical legal issues that may arise out of your practise of dentistry during the period of your insurance in respect of:-
    • Complaints made against you;
    • Disciplinary proceedings taken against you;
    • Referral to the General Dental Council;
    • Advice, assistance and access to indemnity against any legal liability that you may have to satisfy claims made against you arising out of your professional practice as a dentist;
    • Advice and assistance in relation to dealings with your local area team of NHS England or Wales;
    • Advice and assistance in relation to dealings with the Care Quality Commission.
    • Advice on matters relevant to dental practitioners in England and Wales.

Please note the application process is a 2-stage process.

  • The first stage is completing the TDS (E&W) application form fields below. 
  • The second stage is completing the Insurers proposal acceptance form. The Insurers Proposal form will be issued to you by email on completion of the TDS (E&W) application.
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