Dental complaints management

Servicing our clients is our top priority.

Equally important to the professional indemnity policy you choose, is a client-focused and knowledgeable team. TDS (E&W) Ltd clients have both.

How TDS handles complaints

At TDS (E&W) Ltd, we are well known for our service. We all know how difficult and worrying it can be to receive a dental complaint from a patient. Complaint handling can be a stressful experience, even more so if you don’t have the right team behind you. We are here to make the process of dealing with a dental complaint as streamlined and stress-free as possible for you. You will have 24/7 access to an advisory team with vast expertise. Every aspect of our service is client focused and you can have confidence in knowing you have the support of a team behind you, with your best interests at heart.

From our diligent claims administration team who will assess your case and assign you to an appropriate adviser for your dental complaint or query, to our experienced team of advisers who work tirelessly to provide a first-class service, you will be looked after every step of the way.

Aspects of our service

24/7 telephone advice

We know that sometimes, all that is required is a quick chat with someone about a dental complaint or situation you are facing, in order to alleviate your concerns. We are, of course, accommodating to this. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We know that as dentists and dental care professionals, you are likely busy during the generic “working hours” of 9-5, therefore we are more than happy to take a call from you whenever you get a chance to pick up the phone, whether that be at 9am or 9pm. Don’t worry, out of hours advice isn’t just for emergencies.

Dedicated administration and advisory team

Our diligent claims administration team will deal with your request for advice regarding a dental complaint or query, and assign your case to an appropriate adviser, depending on the details of your case. As a TDS (E&W) Ltd client, you will be fortunate enough to have access to an advisory team with vast experience and expertise. From advisers well experienced in assisting with NHS England dental complaint handling, to legally qualified advisers best placed to assist with letters of claim, you can have the confidence that whatever the nature of your dental complaint, we will have an adviser who can help.

Monthly newsletters

Another aspect of the well-rounded service we provide is our monthly newsletter. Our clients receive a monthly newsletter on issues relevant to dentists and dental care professionals in the UK. Our recent article topics have included “Straight Talking: Orthodontic Assessments” and general advice on “Refusing Further Care”.

We are “big” on service

“As Dental Advisers, we have first-hand experience of patient challenges and are acutely aware of how stressful this can be. We prioritise contact with our clients, to ensure they know they are fully supported and that a matter is being dealt with in a timely manner. We find that this greatly assists with managing patient expectations, and in turn reducing concerns for our clients, who are appreciative of our attention to detail and support offered.”


Claire Walsh

Senior Dental Adviser

If you want peace of mind knowing you have all the above at your disposal, should you ever need it one day, then we’d be delighted to hear from you. You can apply to join TDS (E&W) Ltd by clicking the link below.

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