What is included: -

  • Access to professional advice on the dental and ethical legal issues that may arise out of your practise of dentistry during the period of your insurance
  • Access to professional advice and assistance in respect of:
    • Complaints made against you;
    • Disciplinary proceedings taken against you;
    • Referral to the General Dental Council;
    • Advice, assistance and access to indemnity against any legal liability that you may have to satisfy claims made against you arising out of your professional practice as a dentist;
    • Advice and assistance in relation to dealings with your local area team of NHS England;
    • Advice and assistance in relation to dealings with the Care Quality Commission.  


What is NOT included: -

  • Matters covered under any policy of public liability, employers liability or directors liability insurance policies that you have;
  • Employment law issues including representation at Employment Tribunals;
  • Representation in Defamation actions;
  • Representation in criminal proceedings or any liability arising from alleged criminal activities;
  • Reimbursement of your own expenses incurred during our handling of a claim;
  • Payment of any fines and/or penalties imposed upon you;
  • Representation in respect of actions involving personal matters unconnected with your practice of dentistry;
  • Partnership disputes

Contractual disputes between principal dentists and associates.